Proactive, professional care for the gums that surround, support, and protect your teeth

Regular dental check-ups at our Miles City, Montana office are a cornerstone of attractive smiles and good oral and overall health. During these check-ups, our dentists, Drs. Chase Yerger and Diana Stewart, and our skilled hygienists at Yerger Family Dental, mind the health, structure, and function of the periodontal tissues that support the teeth. Comprehensive exams include using special dental instruments to gently measure the periodontal pockets or spaces between the gums and teeth. As gum disease progresses, the gums pull away from the teeth. So, we can measure the pockets or spaces in between to determine the extent of the disease. This knowledge is then used to develop a treatment plan that effectively resolves inflamed or infected gum tissue.

Doctor with Patient in Clinic

What cannot be detected upon visual inspection or with dental probes can be pinpointed with advanced diagnostics. We have various imaging options at Yerger Family Dental, including panoramic dental X-rays. These technologies provide detailed and clear images of tiny structures or small anomalies that may remain hidden in the mouth. The longer these abnormalities go undetected (and untreated), the worse they can become.

When detected and treated early, the effects of gingival inflammation can be reversed. Early-stage gingivitis precedes advanced gum disease or periodontitis. The loss of attachment between the supportive gum tissue and teeth and bone loss characterizes advanced periodontal disease. Once the disease has progressed to this stage, the effects cannot be reversed. Restorative and regenerative therapies are necessary to build soft and hard tissues.

Prevention: The best “medicine”

Many of the same practices and habits that support the health of the teeth also support the health of the gums that surround and protect your toothy tissues. Consistent brushing and flossing at home and on the go are fundamental to excellent oral hygiene. Pay special attention to brushing your gums, tongue, and other areas that can harbor disease-producing organisms and substances.

Even those patients with excellent home care require professional care at our office in Miles City, Montana. Our team has the tools, technologies, and know-how to remove those substances that do not budge with “standard” toothbrushes, such as plaque build-up. Over time, stubborn plaque (tartar) erodes the teeth and inflames and degrades the supportive gums and bone structure. Plus, these visits allow Drs. Chase Yerger and Diana Stewart to catch subtle or early problems. By the time your gums bleed, feel sore, or look darker than usual, the damage may have already been done and may be irreversible.

Call us now at (406) 233-1241. Yerger Family Dental is your “home” for proactive, gentle, and comprehensive professional gum care in Miles City and surrounding communities.

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