Enjoy a full return to quality living with natural-looking dental implants

When you miss one tooth or a complete set, we have several options to replace what you have lost. Dental implant restorations are the best in business for replacing your teeth. These teeth replacements closely mimic the function and look of your natural teeth — they are the closest thing to your natural teeth.

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Dental implant treatment: What to expect

Achieving something close to your natural teeth requires careful planning and skillful human craftsmanship. Your typical dental implant treatment involves the steps below:

Doctor with Patient in Clinic
  • Initial examination: A full dental examination records your medical history and examines your bone to establish it’s healthy enough to support an implant
  • Dental implant surgery: We expertly place a titanium post in the bone that once supported your teeth. This outpatient procedure is carried out after numbing your gums to minimize discomfort
  • Healing: Your implant needs four to six months for healing to occur. During healing, your implant integrates with the bone through osseointegration. This process anchors your implant firmly in your jawbone to support your dental prosthetic
  • Abutment placement: After several months of healing and integration, a dental abutment is attached to the implant to support your crown or bridge
  • Restoration: We install a natural-looking crown, bridge, or denture to restore the appearance and function of your lost teeth

Many patients find dental implant treatment more convenient than they anticipated. It’s virtually painless, thanks to dental anesthetics and sedation dentistry. Although implant-based restorations require several months of treatment, many patients rarely notice the passage of time because they get something close to their natural teeth.

Benefits of dental implants

Since teeth start as a set, losing one tooth can throw your dental health off balance. Missing teeth diminish your overall appearance. But did you know missing teeth can affect other teeth? As teeth slowly shift into the empty spaces, misalignment occurs, messing up your bite. Besides, unbalanced bite pressure can cause cracks in the adjacent teeth.

Dental implants can prevent the harmful effects of tooth loss. We always recommend dental implants because they offer numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Deter bone loss by stimulating your jawbone, just like your natural teeth
  • Low maintenance
  • Stabilize the nearby teeth
  • Restore your full oral function
  • Last for life

Would you like to secure your smile with dental implants? What are you waiting for?

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 Single Implant (Anterior- Healing Cap)

Single Implant (Posterior- Healing Cap)