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How to prepare for your first dental visit in our office

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Once you have taken the leap of faith and scheduled your dental appointment, there are a few things you can do to make your first visit go smoothly. Our office staff will gather as much information as we can when you schedule over the phone, but it is handy to bring a copy of your insurance card with you as well. Some insurance companies like Delta Dental require patients to print cards from their online portal and many patients are unaware of who their dental carrier may be in these situations since they never received an actual card. Checking with your human resources personnel is helpful if you are unsure who provides your dental benefits.

One of the most dreaded aspects of going to the dentist or a medical facility is the paperwork. We provide a link under patient info. on our website that allows you to print and fill out our paperwork prior to your dental visit. We are also happy to mail or email these documents as well. This can really save a large family significant time and stress when you can fill out the paperwork on your own time! As always, showing up 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment is beneficial to allow us time to get you checked in, all paperwork completed, and have you seated by your scheduled appointment time.

If you have provided your dental benefits over the phone, we will happily verify your benefits before you arrive, so at the end of your appointment, we can help you figure out the potential cost of your next visit if further care is needed. If you are covered under a parent or spouses insurance, you will need to provide their name, address, date of birth, and insurance information. Sometimes this includes social security number. It is oftentimes hard for patients to track down the policy holder during their dental visit, so having this information prior to can really alleviate stress for everyone.

Lastly, if you are a brand new patient, we perform a comprehensive exam and x-rays to understand your complete dental health and history. It is important to let us know if you have used your dental benefits at another office in the last 5 years. If you have been seen at another office we can request your x-rays be sent to us before your appointment time. Many procedures, especially x-rays can be denied by insurance due to frequency limitations. We can help you avoid some unforeseen costs, but of course we cannot guarantee any payments from insurance companies. We try our best to work with you and your insurance, but sometimes what you need may be outside of what your insurance wants to cover. We are here to help clarify any insurance questions you may have! Here is a quick list of things to make your first visit as smooth as possible:

Dental insurance card(s)

Information of the insurance policy holder if it is someone other than yourself

List of medications (an easy way to get this is to call your pharmacy)

Call old dental office and have x-rays transferred

Pre-filled out paperwork if you would like, otherwise we have it ready at the front desk

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon!


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