Stop the pain and save your smile with root canal treatment

When you have tooth pain from a badly damaged tooth, many dentists will quickly recommend extraction. While removing the tooth eliminates pain and saves your dental health, it leaves you with a gap that may require costly tooth replacement. Yerger Family Dental in Miles City, Montana, believes in preserving natural teeth whenever possible, and a root canal (endodontic treatment) helps us do just that. A root canal saves your tooth from extraction, helping you avoid the expense of replacing it with an implant, denture, or bridge.

Root canals at our dental office

When most people hear about root canal treatment, all they can think about is pain. If we are in the era of old dentistry, we agree root canals were never fun. However, with the latest dentistry, endodontic treatment is fast and painless. Postoperative pain is also minimal.

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Don’t just take our word for it – if you have an infected tooth, we invite you to book an appointment with Drs. Chase Yerger and Diana Stewart, and experience it for yourself. Our gentle root canal treatment includes:

  • Inspecting your tooth: We use digital x-rays and visual examinations to determine whether your tooth is viable for a root canal. Generally, we want to examine the condition of your tooth and if the infection has spread to the surrounding tissues.
  • Administering anesthesia: We administer local anesthesia to eliminate pain during treatment. After numbing your gums, we use gentle and light touch techniques to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the treatment.
  • Removing infected tissues: A root canal aims to remove the infected nerve tissue and replace it with an artificial material (gutta-percha). We do this after drilling an access hole on top of your tooth. Then, we remove the pulp tissue and other debris and thoroughly clean and sanitize your tooth. 
  • Restoring your tooth: After cleaning your tooth, we seal it with a rubber-like material (gutta-percha) to prevent future infections. Next, we install a tooth filling to fill out the access hole. However, we use a dental crown for added stability if your tooth is severely weakened.

Even though a root canal isn’t painful, you might experience some discomfort after the treatment. This shouldn’t worry you. We will prescribe medication and home remedies to manage your symptoms for an event-free recovery.

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Are you experiencing severe dental pain? Is your tooth sensitive to cold and hot foods? Yerger Family Dental can save your troublesome tooth with root canal treatment. If you are in Miles City, MT, and its environs, please dial (406) 233-1241 to schedule an appointment with our friendly dental team.

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Post-Operative Instructions for a Root Canal

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Root canal therapy is a very common procedure. It has a reputation of being undesirable and painful. But when done properly it is actually painless. Every tooth in your mouth is composed of a crown and a root. When a cavity or bacteria penetrates the tooth, the root and its nerves become irritated. As a result, the bacteria within the pulp cavity needs to be removed and cleaned in order to restore the tooth to its healthy state. Following the procedure, the tooth is fragile and consequently is restored with the natural crown for a lifetime of durability. Root canals have a success rate of 95% or greater. Most root canal are diagnosed by patients’ sensitivities to a specific tooth. Be sure to consult your dentist any symptoms or discomfort occur.