Restore Your Healthy Smile with Safe and Gentle Dental Extractions

While our goal at Yerger Family Dental is to preserve your teeth for life, sometimes tooth removal is necessary to relieve pain and save your dental health. Damaged, overcrowded, and wisdom teeth present situations where Drs. Chase Yerger and Diana Stewart of Miles City, Montana, would recommend removal.

When we suggest tooth extraction, you have nothing to panic about. Your comfort is our priority, regardless of the procedure at hand. We use the latest technology and light touch techniques to optimize your comfort during teeth extraction.

Why you may need tooth removal services

Sometimes your teeth need extraction to preserve dental health. Drs. Yerger and Stewart may recommend teeth removal if:

Doctor with Patient in Clinic
  • Your tooth is severely damaged or decayed beyond repair
  • You have an impacted wisdom tooth
  • Your tooth compromises orthodontic treatment
  • Your tooth causes overcrowding
  • You have severe gum disease

Once we have explored other alternatives and removal remains the only viable option, we will take every step to help you. After tooth removal, our immediate concern is the management of your symptoms to hasten your recovery. We also discuss long-term plans to replace your tooth to restore the function and esthetics of your smile.

What to expect during dental extractions

Some teeth are easier to remove than others. But whether you need a minor or major dental extraction, we always strive to make your treatment fast and comfortable. In addition to anesthesia, we offer sedation dentistry to make your treatment as tolerable as possible.

Before extraction, our dental team uses dental X-rays to examine your teeth and the surrounding tissues to plan your treatment. After examination, you will undergo one of the following:

  • Simple extraction: Is your troublesome tooth visible above the gum line? We use special tools to loosen and pull out your tooth from its oral cavity. The procedure is quick and painless, thanks to dental anesthetics and sedation dentistry
  • Surgical extraction: Surgical intervention is necessary when teeth are impacted or fractured at the gum line. After administering anesthesia to numb your gums, we make an incision to gain access to the trapped tooth. We then carefully break it into smaller pieces and remove each fragment. Once the tooth is removed, we clean the area thoroughly and suture it to begin the healing process

Suspect your tooth needs removal in Miles City, MT? Please call (406) 233-1241 for gentle yet effective dental extractions at Yerger Family Dental.

 Simple Extraction

Post-Operative Instructions for a Simple Extraction